Hüseyin Kayahan         Since 1989, KAYAHAN PLASTİK is active on the sector of cleaning materials. At first, our manufactoring development began by producing the WOODEN HANDLES and continued with the PVC HANDLES, METAL HANDLES, STEEL AND ALUMINIUM TELESCOPIC HANDLES. Also, since 2006, KAYAHAN PLASTİK has been the PATENT owner of the SELF THREAD METALLIC BROOM HANDLES which is very useful model of the metallic handles. Furthermore, plastic mop hangers, floor squeegees and other than these, a lot of cleaning materials are being produced. Very soon, metal mop hangers and metal floor squeegees also will be a part of our production development with their original projections and useful patent models.

        In addition, since 2001, KAYAHAN PLASTİK has been producing the SYSTEM OF CARRYING IRONED CLOTHES WITH HANGER namely, “HANGING RAILS” for the textile carrying. There are TWO TYPES OF this HANGING RAILS which are also PATENTED. KAYAHAN PLASTİK supplies them to the greatest READY-MADE COMPANIES in TURKEY. Exporting is done either directly or mediately.

        In İzmir-Karabağlar 1000m², in its own place, production is still being done. Also, in İzmir-Gıda Çarşısı 150m², total sales are being done. Very soon, KAYAHAN PLASTİK plans to remove to its owned area in İTOB Organized Industrial District by making its own factory building there.